The brand

About US

  • 2 sisters
  • 2 types of hair
  • 1 solution

Behind NIMBE are two sisters with completely different hair experiences but who both struggled during their transition. Yeah, the famous “transition”: one of the biggest fears of our lives! That period when we discover new products, new hair routines, and above all when we continuously search for the right accessories!
After years of experimenting products already on the market, we embarked on a new adventure to meet our own needs! Two women affirming their origins while being proud to wear natural hair, voluminous hairstyles, in a cool and comfortable way. Nimbe was born…

Why Nimbe?

Nimbe offers a range of practical and aesthetically pleasing accessories with unique features that allow customers to use them comfortably. Whatever your hair type or the voluminous hairstyle you decide to wear, Nimbe will not only bring you quality and originality, but also the assurance that your daily accessories will protect your hair.